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Silex Realty Group has renovated and rehabilitated buildings since the mid-1980's. Today the business operates two dozen commercial buildings—all of which have undergone varying degrees of rehabilitation to make them thriving, re-purposed structures in service to the business community of North Metro Atlanta.

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Rentals are suitable for small to medium size businesses desiring to relocate. Available space for lease includes furnished and unfurnished offices in a variety of buildings.

Our properties are located in various settings from office parks to industrial parks; from historic downtown areas to the hottest commercial, industrial, and development areas in metro Atlanta.

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Silex Realty Group focuses its business in North Metro Atlanta. By keeping our holdings within a close distance to our headquarters in Canton, we are much better able to serve and assist our tenants. SRG employs a full-time maintenance staff to ensure that the tenancy experience for all of our businesses is smooth, efficient, and free of the headaches and hassles that sometimes go along with property management. We endure these headaches for you, so you don't have to!